COnnecting People to God, each other and the community

Welcome!  It's a real joy to meet newcomers and to tell you about all the things God is doing in our church family.  For over 90 years our church has been serving the community of Ridgway and Elk County.  Our mission is to connect people with God, each other and the community.
Connecting with God means more than singing some songs, reading a chapter, or listening to a sermon.  its the reason behind all of these things:  we sing to offer worship (thats one way we worship) to get God in His right place in our lives.  We read the Bible not to get to know the Bible, but to get to know the author.  We listen to sermons to help us apply the truths of God's Word to our lives.
Connecting with each other means we share on a personal level what's happening in our lives and how we are learning to see and trust God in everything we do.

Connecting with the community means that we prioritize sharing the love of Christ with a dying world, beginning in our own neighborhoods. 

first time guests

We're looking forward to meeting you this Sunday.  Join us at 10am, we'll worship, we'll hear preaching from the Bible and we'll connect with one another.  

Got kids?  Great! we have a nursery and offer Children's church for everyone 6th grade and younger.

We'll pray, we'll sing songs, and we'll hear from God's Word.  There will be time for personal one on ministry with a pastor or an elder, there will be time for fellowship and getting to know the people of the church as well as the mission of the church.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

16915 Boot Jack Rd, Ridgway PA  15853                                                               814-776-6266